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NATIONAL OCCUPATIONAL CODE (NOC) to find your occupation and NOC code (inSkill level 0, A or B only), go to (double click)           http://noc.esdc.gc.ca/English/NOC/OccupationIndex.aspx?  Try to select the higher code, and one or more codes that apply to you. Look your code/s with these formats: Skill 0 codes are0XXX,  Skill Acodes areX0XX and X1XX , and  Skill B codes areX2XX and X3XX.      You must read the Code Lead Statement, Main Duties and Requirementsto ensure your work experience is included (not necessarily all duties), and your employer can certify. Also select from the Example Titles that closely match your Occupation Title.

LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY CHART - The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) General Test Score Equivalency
Use this chart for CSICo pre-assessment only, but the language test report is required in your Express Entry profile.
Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) and Areas of Ability:                                                                                                                                                 
CLB Level  Listening  Reading    Writing   Speaking
       4                 4.5              3.5             4.0            4.0     Low Basic
       5                 5.0              4.0             5.0            6.0     Basic
       6                 5.5              5.0             5.5            5.5     Less Adequate
       7                 6.0              6.0             6.0           6.0     Adequate -- Minimum CLB 7 required (4 eligibility points each ability)
       8                 7.5              6.5             6.5            6.5     Intermediate -- 5 points each
       9                 8.0             7.0             7.0            7.0    Advanced -- 6 points each (maximum) - strive for this level to be invited for FSW.

      10                8.5              8.0             7.5            7.5     Fluent - 6 points each
Your total points could be a combination of your IETLS scores, but strive for the maximum as you are allowed to retake IELTS as many times. 
EILTS test centres - locate via  https://www.ielts.org (go to top menu Book a test/Find a test location). The test report is valid for 2 years.
French, as the second official language has its testing system Test d'evaluation de francais (TEF) with required minimum of CLB 5.
CLB Level   Listening     Reading      Writing     Speaking  
       5           181-216     151-180     226-270    226-270    Basic - Minimum CLB 5 required (1 point each ability, 4 points total as add-on option). To find test centres, locate via  
http://www.fiaf.org/frenchclasses/frenchexam-tef.shtml (go to top menu Classes / Online Learning. Also valid for 2 years.

SUFFICIENT FUNDS TO SETTLE IN CANADA - for you and your dependent family members even if they are not coming with you.      To  meet the minimum requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) or Federal Skill Trade (FST) program under Express Entry (EE).
No. of Family Members (including you) and Funds Required (2018):
            1        $12,475             5        $26,292
            2         $15,531             6        $29,652
            3         $19,093             7        $33,014
            4         $23,181             $3,361  For each additional family member
Your funds can include the sale of properties, jewelries, stocks, bonds and other assets as long as you can provide supporting documents of sale. Some of your money could be a gift (not a loan) from your family and relatives with explanation through a notarized Letter of Statutory Declaration. Proof of funds is not required with LMIA Job Offer and in Canadian Experience Program (CEC). Your bank statements must be currentwith the average balance for the last 6 months (e.g. funds/6 approx.) prior to PR application submission.

EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIAL ASSESSMENT (ECA)  - to verify that foreign degree, diploma, or certificate is valid and equal to Canadian education. An ECA report is required when you submit your Express Entry profile. One of the ECA designated organizations is                World Education Services (WES). For free assessment of your equivalent Canadian education, go to    https://rajtocanada.wordpress.com/2015/07/22/how-to-educational-credential-assessment-from-wes   ​In this website, scroll down and click WES-Preliminary Assessment, and then click Start Now. To officially apply later when approved for application submission, in this same website click WES-Create Account. The evaluation report is valid for 5 years.

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Very Important: There is no business transaction and commitment in this internet solicitation without a Retainer Agreement. When you say "yes" to the fees below, do not send any monies until you receive a CSICo acknowledgment notice. 

For Citizenship application, please email or make a phone call to above contact information.


Payment Schedule and Stages of Processing

Free - for Basic Preliminary Assessment - non-binding service of your CSICo Preliminary Assessment Application below.

$120 - for Official Initial Consultation -  for information provided, and to establish a bona-fide working relationship, to record     your intended purpose, and to sign an Initial Consultation Agreement. This is non-refundable, but creditable to CSICo retainer fee.

Professional Retainer Fee (See CSICo Services for fees) - for comprehensive and exhaustive preparation and processing  when you are truly eligible to apply, and to sign a Retainer Agreement. CSICo does not request this fee upfront until you feel truly qualified.


Retainer Agreement – is a service contractual engagement between you and CSICo to set out the exact duties and clear expectations of both parties. If you proceed with CSICo immigration processing services, you will be billed for professional retainer fee. The payment terms and conditions will be detailed in the Retainer Agreement. Typically, the retainer fee will be paid in 2 instalments, such as when you provide your documents for review and sign the Retainer Agreement (25%); and then when the final application package is submitted to IRCC (75%). This fee is non-refundable as IRCC has the final decision for subjective pass or fail of the application. Note that default of payment of the retainer fee may jeopardize your immigration opportunity and/or status in Canada.


The federal government processing fees and other disbursements or miscellaneous expenses will be paid up front or/and at time of your complete application package submission. These are separate payments from CSICo professional consultation/retainer fees.


All payments are to be paid to by bank draft or money order (or personal check for local).


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