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CSICo provides Canadian immigration services, whether you are in Toronto or anywhere in Canada, or worldwide - in the Philippines, China, Korea, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Before you fill-in the free and non-binding CSICo Preliminary Assessment Application found in the above menu CONTACT US, please continue to read diligently through some points in Canadian immigration and the possibilities of your earnest expectations.  For now, don't be too hung-up about expenses because you would be able to find ways of financial support when that time comes. Besides, if Canadian immigration has no cost, anybody could just move to Canada. You treat this as serious planning of your "long term investment". You will focus on enhancing your immigration eligibility and credential preparation.  

Some immigration programs may take a few years to process, except for Family Sponsorship, International Student and other Temporary Residency programs. However, applicants with skilled work experience and higher qualifying points could be processed in 6 months through the Express Entry System (EES). More about EES, go to  NEWS.

Likewise, don't be overwhelmed with the many programs in this website because we will only go through the specific classes that may apply to you.  Go to NEWS to find out the current occupations in demand, such as skilled and trade workers; or become a working International Student that could be a "stepping stone" to your dreams.

At this stage, you may want to know about your Canadian immigration eligibility, how much it would cost, and how long it would take to process. Whether you want change as soon as possible or within 10 years, you should act now and prepare to possibly be included in the annual Canadian immigration quota.

The Canadian government remains focused on promoting economic growth and long-term prosperity, in order to maintain Canada’s momentum in the global economy. Canadians remain a welcoming people socially and culturally. They continue to see immigrants as an asset and investment along with diversity as source of strength and economic progress.

The main important factors of pro-immigration sentiment are the belief in immigration objectives. These directives are  to enrich and strengthen the economic and social fabric of the Canadian society through prosperous growth, family reunification, humanitarian consideration, and the pride in Canadian multiculturalism. As a popular saying, “It appears that a nation said to be originally built by immigrants, will continue to be built by immigrants”.

Before you navigate you may ask yourself, “ What sets CSICo to be ready, competent and reliable to help me ? ”

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